CONCENTRIC CIRCLES is lucky enough to be included in the October 2009 issue of Realms of Fantasy Magazine.

This wonderful opportunity happens every two months due to the collective efforts of the lead authors in our scifi/fantasy/paranormal group -- IWOFA.

That's Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors. For more information on the group visit the website:

Our awesome leader Charlee spends countless hours maintaining the website, coordinating our ads (although she doesn't do them alone anymore) and she is also the moderator for our Yahoo Groups.

Did I mention that she has also authored and published 80 books. Yup. 80. (

ROF & Charlee have had a difficult year in 2009.

The magazine closed its doors because of business failure. Thank goodness for the fantasy world that the business was purchased and rescued.

Charlee had some deeply personal moments this year, but has bounced back from her loss and just recently signed her 80th contract.

Did I mention she is my heroine? I observed from afar and gain so much understanding about human resilience. Bless her.

That brief explanation brings me back around to CONCENTRIC CIRCLES (what can I say? I have a thing for circles ;o)

I am offering Realms of Fantasy fans who come to my site a bargain when purchasing CC. You will receive $1.50 off the list price, autographed copy and a FREE Read CD (pre-published excerpts from the sequel) included in your package.

Just use the buy button below or on the home page.

But first let me tell you a little bit about the book. (This is not the book blurb.)

Heroine Shayla Brinawell has always known that she is magical. In fact, her mother has strictly forbidden her from ever using magic. She grows up torn between love for her mother and deep secret of her soul.

Shayla has always waffled on the issue of magic. Sometimes she sneaks a spell she has made up. But when the spell works she still tells herself the experience wasn't real.

Little does she know her life is about to change dramatically and with the force and speed of high winds.

That's because a magical destiny is extremely potent.

Hero, Meekal Chilkwell has always used his magic with the purpose of safe guarding the Chalice Well and surrounding Glastonbury.

In fact, guardianship is his family's legacy.

Little does he know there's a missing link. He's about to discover it. Then he has the dual job of convincing Shayla that her magic has purpose and protecting the Well from it's latest villain.

Here's a link to a FREE chapter excerpt. Please note the chapter has an Adult rating.

CC excerpt: [7] Journey into Mayhem

Shipping (US only) ~ 3.00

Total ~ $16.50

~ Aithne
Would you like more info about IWOFA? Here's a link to some of our finest work.

IWOFA Listmania

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