My apologies. I've been remiss in keeping up with writing for this blog. The plot bunnies have been scrambling, hopping around and trying their best to drive this writer to distraction. ;)

Despite the plot bunny hyper active endeavors, (they each want their own story) I've been busy putting the finishing touches on an adventure and love filled novella.

Claire: the Lost Fae is coming to an e-reader near you. This story whispered behind me for many months before I actually started writing it. I knew in the back of my mind that Claire would eventually seek the window of expression. However, even I didn't realize the potent magic that she would reveal.

If you're wondering exactly who Claire is and why she seems like an old friend to this author... that's because she is Shayla's mother. In CONCENTRIC CIRCLES, Readers get a brief glimpse of Claire and her enigmatic personality. 

Claire raised her daughter Shayla with a fierce determination to hide and protect her from the magical world. That wasn't easy (a magical child disciplined to hide? not that she ever blew-up an aunt or anything...) 

When you read Shayla's story it is not fully explained why Claire reacted to raising a child with such strict rules. Only bits and pieces are revealed. 

That's precisely the reason why CLAIRE: the LOST FAE is the next logical step to revealing their legacy. 

Here is a preview of Claire's magical world:

Excerpt: What would you do if you didn't like the guy that just rescued you from vicious hounds?

They landed on a hillside dotted with old headstones. Claire shoved away from her rescuer. "Who the hell are you? Didn't you hear me? That creep can smell magic! He'll follow us!"
"No. He can't follow. Besides that old blanket will confuse the scent."
"Dammit! Who are you? And that old blanket and the clothes on my body are all I own."
"Name's Leeson. We'll get you a new blanket."
She growled. "Well Leeson," she said, fisting her fingers. "We need to get out of here."
"We're safe for now."
Exasperation spread from her belly upward. The resulting heat made her head feel on the verge of explosion. "Are you dim witted?"
He peeled the mask off revealing high cheekbones and mussed dark cinnamon hair. With a twist he shoved the mask into a pocket of the long coat. "The hound can't track us here."
She hissed through her teeth. "Fine! I don't believe you. You can stay. I'm going!"
He grabbed her arm. "No."
"Let me go you bastard!" She wiggled and pulled. She could magic herself free but that would have called Grismere the hound to them.

* * * * * *

More Magical Moments and story news will be posted this week as we progress through the countdown to book launch.

Thank you for stopping by. Before You Leave:

Concentric Circles 
(Shayla's story)

Claire: the Lost Fae ~ Available Now!

Wyndy: in a Heartbeat ~ Short Story [here]

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