The Shadow Seeker's Guide to Esoteric Potions ~

No, I haven't written a potions book. I just happen to love books the same way other readers do.

So why not give them a feature blog post? Especially since as an author I have used this particular self-created title (The Shadow Seeker's Guide) to enhance the stories I write.

I will confess... throughout 2012  many secrets will be revealed here in this magical niche of the 'net. Why not start with sharing plot bunnies, and previously unrevealed props that as an author I've utilized in writing the worlds I create?

Since I write books, why not admit to making up fictional titles? (lol...yes, I know...merry-go-round. Jump on. ;)

There's a part of me that's always found books within reading a novel an interesting element. Eventually, I made the creation of books fun because I enjoyed the way they enhanced my personal reading experiences. 

So I decided that occasionally books can actually rate character status in some of my writing.

Think magical tomes. Within my mind, that's just part of the fun in creating events and circumstance for a character to work through. ;D

This particular title was created in 2006 when I was still writing fanfiction. It was based on a famous scene from a very popular movie. Not from that writer's or movie director's point of view, but my own.

Sometimes, that's what I like to do; pause a movie scene and start asking questions. Who, what, where, when and how.

Who: Bad-boy character.

What: Looking for something he isn't supposed to have. (In this case: a potions book)

Where: In an over crowded bookstore. But he's on the upper level. Alone. (despite all the folk downstairs)

When: This question became age related. Bad-boy in my mind was sixteen.

How: ...did this scene play out? Bad-boy stole a potion book that he knew was off limits to his age range and parental guidance. (had already been told he couldn't buy the book)

The title of stolen book? The Shadow Seekers Guide to Esoteric Potions, by Anonymous.

Little did I know at the time of original creation that this magical title would play such an important role in several of my later stories. 

You see, I pulled it off the virtual shelf and placed it in Concentric Circles when a protection ward needed strengthening around the Chalice Well.

There's an extremely brief mention in a time travel, work in progress (unpublished) where readers will see the title. The identity of Anonymous will be revealed.

And last, but not least, character Grace in Claire: the Lost Fae uses The Shadow Seeker's Guide for protection spell work.

From Claire: the Lost Fae (coming soon)

"This should have the perfect potion," Grace said and placed
The Shadow Seeker's Guide to Esoteric Potions on the table. She opened the elegant black and green cover, and then began flipping pages.
"We’ll begin your training here." Meekal opened, The Shadow Seeker’s Guide to Esoteric Potions, smoothed the page, and passed it across the table in front of Shayla. 

Have I mentioned that creating books is fun? Yes!

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Peace & Love be with you always.

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