It's been a rough week...

But sometimes blessings come through the darkest of times.

This week, Sky Purington posted a review on Goodreads for Concentric Circles:

Concentric Circles grabbed me the minute I started reading and didn't let go. Fast-paced and well-written, I LOVED this novel! Guess I'm a sucker for books that keep me turning the pages.

Every author alive cherishes words like that. Thank you, Sky. ;D

In honor of this fabulous review, I've decided to give Readers the chance to click through for a download.

Here's a Story Description:

We've all seen it. The fragmented family line. It usually spells disaster. What does this have to do with Shayla Brinawell? Magic. Fearful of the dangers Shayla could face, her mother taught denial of anything magical with fierce, maternal protection. There are always consequences. What you don't know can hurt you.

Shayla's world will be turned upside down and every which way. Witch way that is. Hyper drive doesn't begin to explain the casting of events that will shift her world.

Meet Meekal Chilkwell, bloodline guardian of the Chalice Well.
The magical waters have been threatened by evil before. Thanks to the Chilkwell family you have remained safe.

However, in our shrinking world, today's new danger is global.
Look out, non-magical world. Syther the Quitch is hell bent on wicked domination.

The only thing standing between you and Syther's sadistic ambition are Meekal and Shayla.

Why not take a peek between their shoulders?

Here's the link to Amazon: Concentric Circles

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Peace & Love be with you always.
Aithne Jarretta
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