What do the Glastonbury Tor and the Mason-Dixon Line have in common? (Aside from an author seeing the world through rose colored glasses?)

First, let's start with the Glastonbury Tor. The iconic 'faery hill' in Glastonbury is something most people have seen in images all over the Internet. Many folks have visited the Tor because the mystical aura of its sacred location draws them for exploration.
The path to the top can be a spiritually enlightening experience and perhaps even a bit spooky.
While everyone knows about the Tor, there's a bit of information that gets lost amidst the legends of King Arthur in Avalon. I'm speaking of the ley lines that crisscross the faery hill. (see my bio ;)
So, all in good fun, why not make the Tor and St. Michael's tower enchant readers within the pages of an adventurous magical tale?

And what on earth does all these Glastonbury tidbits have to do with the U.S.A.'s Mason-Dixon Line?
@ http://library.byways.org/assets/77066
The Mason-Dixon originally was commissioned to establish a border between Maryland and Pennsylvania. (see Wikipedia if you truly want a quick confirmation: Mason Dixon Line)

That happened in 1763 and 1767 (interrupted by Indian war) Note that's almost 100 years before the Civil War.
So the Mason-Dixon Line I'm writing about actually predates the separation between the north and south.
Truthfully, it was the first conflict over land lines that intrigued me even though all my life I only knew of our U.S. traditional north and south separation. (born of southern parents north of the m-d line... what does that make me? lol)
But it wasn't until much later in life I learned the true age of this famous line.

Right about the time I discovered (in American History no less) that while technical writing frustrated me, all I really needed was to add some magical fantasy to what's already there...
Imagination. Albert Einstein and John Lennon expounded upon its virtue. So why not take advantage of having a funky imagination?
So that answers the biggest question, What do the Glastonbury Tor and the Mason-Dixon Line have in common?

Answer: A funky out-of-this-world paranormal author. ;D

But that's just one way to connect these two historical sites.
How about this?

Breathe life into a story about a young woman with a fragmented past meeting a life-blood guardian of sacred sites.
Aren't muses grand?
So there I was... creating, crafting & crazing when there was a screech, a vortex of changing wind and several zigzags. Ouch!

* * * * * * * * *

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Peace & Love be with you always.
Aithne Jarretta
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  1. I've been interested in ley lines since I first heard of them. These lines draw the curious, whether looking into faeries or aliens. Cool images. ^_^

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