Yesterday, my mouse died. The death had been half expected, but when it finally happened there was a twinge of sadness.

It's really a bit strange. We grow attached in unexpected ways to the little things in our daily lives. I never expected that particular mouse to work around and become part of my daily routine.

But it did. I never named him. :( Nary a Clifford, Joe or McIntyre. I hope he doesn't hold a grudge in his afterlife.

After all, he was there when I learned Twitter, remodeled my website, wrote at least 50k words and struggled with gaining insights into new character's heads.

He was a tailess wonder and worked for hours without recharging his batteries. Then after a little time spent on his to work for me again.

I type this and realized he deserved a name. Characters in my writings flaunt their names all the time. (in fact they can become pests at times) I've been known to admit to naming my car. Heck, I've even made up names for nonexistent books.

Why not my mouse? I have a new mouse. She's white and sleek. She may take offense if the previous mouse isn't honored in some way.


Clifford Joseph McIntyre; Mouse Extraordinary, Rest in Peace. Thank you for the times you've helped me with creative moves and the ever changing wisps of Muse discussions.

Pearl (my new mouse) is also grateful for what you accomplished during your lifetime. (She doesn't realize I know, but she thinks your past challenges will actually make her life easier.)

* * * * * *

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