So there I was, trying to be a good person and clean the dust bunnies from under my bed.

Why do they always start hopping around or away when I'm supposed to be focused? I should be cleaning (to prevent allergy flare ups), but to be honest I'm also thinking about the process of healing character Claire's injured knee while the vacuum buzzes it's hungry drone. 

Then... there go the plot bunnies...

Story lines...plot twists... and new character challenges. They all bang around between my ears when I'm supposed to be doing something else. I think I read something about this before. That article was about a Muse gone wild.

I can believe it. (muttering to Muse) I used to think that a hyper active highlander in full regalia marching through my head was annoying. 

These bunnies shed! 

Give me bagpipes any day. ;D (Black Bryan is taking a sabbatical; we have a reunion planned in February.)

Back to poor Claire because her knee still needs healed. She injured it during a skirmish with the wicked daemon underling.

In the world of creating magical healing we can offer many modalities. Since I'm really into energy healing and Reiki, that's often the basis for any fantasy moves a character may include in the story line. 

But, I really wanted to go a different route with Claire's knee. There will be pain. (character growth from that cute little plot bunny) The healing process may actually be rougher than the initial injury. *sigh*

I do love my characters... Really.

So I can say up front, there won't be an angel healing, no potion from Grace, and hero Leeson can't do anything about Claire's injury. (except maybe fret and swear to get the whole hound pack responsible for Clair's troubles...)

And the plot bunny? Naughty and growing like a maddening fiend.

(Think I will mention here that you can get absolutely FREE images at this link: That's the totally free page at Fotolia and it changes every 24 hours. Sometimes, they feature nice images you would have never expected. Enjoy. ;)

P.S. Please give Rosie a pet up in the right hand corner. She's feeling neglected because human mom has been under the weather with allergies and then all this talk of bunnies...well you understand. ;)

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend & happy reading!

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Peace & Love be with you always.

Aithne Jarretta
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Aww, you had me at "bunny." ;) Plot bunnies can be sneaky little things! I hope yours stop prancing enough at least for you to get them down on (electronic) paper. :) Good luck to poor Claire!

    Adriana Ryan

  2. Aithne says:

    lol Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your input on Kindleboards. Will see you around there. ;)

    ~ Aithne

  3. Hey! I loves that bunny picture! Hellloooo Bunny!!! (It's so darn cute!)

    And that's the problem with plot bunnies. They're so cute and they lead you a merry chase until *poof* down a hole they go. And you have to decide if you'll follow or not.

    Great post. :)

  4. Aithne says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    The bunny was free. I love getting cool pics over at Fotolia. Have a beautiful night.

    ~ Aithne

  5. Fabulous bunny picture and excellent post! It gives me insight to character-writing for sure!

  6. Kyla says:

    Lol. I did something similar in my novel. My main character can heal herself with her accelerated healing ability, but she doesn't know that yet. So she has a broken arm popped back into place the hard way, without pain medication. Yikers, I wince every time I read it.

    Anyway, great post. I really like this site! I'm so glad I stumbled upon it over there in Triberr (where you deigned to give me fantastic advice, btw). I'll be sure to check it out again soon! Have a great day and happy writing!

    P.S. I hope you enjoy your reunion with the Highlander. I hear they can

  7. Kyla says:

    Um, quick question: How do you follow this blog?

  8. Aithne says:


    Thanks for commenting. ;) Yes, I understand wincing when going back and reading your character scene and she is without medication. Last night at work, I reread the part where Claire gets her leg worked on. Titled it 'Screaming Mojo' and yes, I cringed. ;D

    The follow button is further down the page in the white block. (Networked Blogs) I had to put it down there because there's a formatting glitch I can't figure out-- when I try to put another link in the right column nothing works. ;(

    Thanks again. Have a beautiful day... I'm going to sleep...worked all night like a house elf... zzzz....

  9. Aithne says:

    Miss Heelwalker1: Bless you for stopping by. Be safe across the big pond. I'm off to get some sleep... Thank your for your support!

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