Please don't be misled by the title. ;) In all honesty, this post is a continuation of my plot bunny tracks. That's the name I've given to the blog posts that reveal hidden aspects within the supernatural stories I create.

Grace is a fictional character, womanly mentor and a matchmaker.

But, I discovered during writing this novella, Claire: the Lost Fae, that Grace can also be a manipulator. It turns out she is a match maker with an ulterior motive and a bossy buss.

I should have seen the shadowing aspect of her character sooner. But it took several reads through the work in progress before I realized her rule breaking side. (most authors read their stories aloud to catch plot glitches)

There are rules for constructing stories. Some authors stick to those rules as if they are written in stone.

That's all right. I like rules. Even though I'm a flying in the mist sort of gal and don't follow the usual guidelines about plotting, I do work on staying within certain rules. (Isn't flying in the mist a cool way of saying that I'm not a plotter? Pure magic. :D )

Readers expect certain rules to be upheld. It makes them comfortable and they can relax and get into the story easier.

Believe it or not, I can relate because as a reader I have certain expectations, too.

So there I was, reading through the manuscript looking for story flow issues and holes in the plot bunny. At about 40% into the story I suddenly realized that parts of the reading made me sound like I have a lisp. I can laugh now, but at the time the situation became frustrating.

Then I figured out the lisping problem.

Grace said...

Yes, you've read that right. Two simple words. Turned out that when read aloud over the space of several pages the words start running together. UGH! Even the feel of saying them repeatedly left a queasy taste in my mouth.

The muse, named Grace in this case, kept poking me on the back of the head. "I don't like that!" Grace repeated, over and over. "I refuse to let you get away with writing those phrases. Change it up, deary."

Then, I would growl back, "Writers are supposed to love said. It's a written rule."

"Rules are made to be broken," Grace remarked. "If you expect us to defeat wicked daemons and save Claire, then step out of that box. If you don't, I'll feed you to the Hades hounds."

So I grumbled, growled some more and poked around the issue. That happens frequently. If I would just allow my muses free rein, then stories would be completed faster.

So I stopped reading aloud and progressed the story forward. Part One was already finished and Part Two slid through the fingers and magically tickled the keyboard, thus putting the story into my writing program. But suddenly at that point there was a major halt.

In fact, it was more of a high pitched screeching. Dare I say those wicked words? That evil thing we never want to admit to that comes from nightmares and bears the initials of WB?

Oh no! Then...

There's Grace the muse sitting on the side desk with her arms crossed and wearing a stern expression. "Do you realize the root of the problem?"

I refrained from banging my head on the keyboard. 

It couldn't be helped and I admitted the setback. 

WB isn't supposed to visit. Writing is one of the joys in my life. Creating stories became an amazing experience and all I ever wanted was to share them. 

Finally, I acknowledged the wicked visitor, writer's block. 

It took some time to go through and edit out those 'Grace said' attributions. But as they were eliminated the fun started again. The words opened once more and peace arrived.

Like I said, Grace can be a bossy buss. (did you see what I typed? Sneaky ;) lol So yes, I still love said and use the word on any occasion. Just not for dialogue for Bossy Grace.

Thank you for stopping by. Before You Leave:

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Peace & Love be with you always.
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  1. Heelwalker1 says:

    I just love the plot bunnies! Really interesting about reading a book out loud....must make a real difference.
    Fab insight into the world of an author :)

  2. Aithne says:

    Tanya (Heelwalker1),

    First, my apologies. My blogger isn't sending notifications to my email. *grumble*

    So glad you are enjoying the plot bunnies. ;D Yes, reading aloud helps. That's when I usually discover missing or repeated words. It's also good exercise because I walk through the house. The longer the story...the more walking. lol

    Rosie, my cat doesn't like me reading and walking. She usually escapes downstairs to my son's bed and curls up for a long nap.

    Have a happy and safe weekend!

    ~ Aithne

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