All right, I acknowledge she never left. ;) I guess I’m referring to the fact I went to the office supply store (<-- OSS) in search of creature comforts.

If you’ve stopped by and read some of my posts you’ll remember the shopping trip to find new notebooks for story notes. That was a night to remember because I was starting a new story and needed supplies. (read here)

That night at the OSS I saw an office chair that distracted me from my original intent. It took discipline but I stayed focused and purchased the necessary notebooks.

A week later my PC crashed. *sigh* Thank goodness I keep all my writing on a USB. I’m blessed with an awesome son talented in the ways of computers, so now I’m working on a different system. It would take a degree in computer science to explain the intricacies.

During all the hoopla over computer changes (creature of habit struggling with newness, acronyms she’s never heard before & working on keeping up with online duties) I decided to make another major change.

Yep. That’s me, on some supernatural, freaky day and wandering through the misty fog of the unknown.

I made a major decision.

Change my writing space. Completely change—from a room in the back of the house to the front.

Three months ago I would have never expected this.

In the new room, I sat down and started working on one of my new stories.

The story starts at a crossroads. I thought that was appropriate because I’ve been standing in the center of a junction and making many different decisions.

Then it happened. The chair I was using did horrible things to my back. It didn’t seem to matter that I placed cushions and focused on posture. The back pain kept getting worse.

Who knew this could be such a risky business? Since I’ve been doing this for several years, I didn’t.

That’s why we circled back around to the OSS & that chair that had distracted with pleasant comfort. Of course it’s been weeks so the store inventory was different. It took some poking around and moving the new arrivals aside. (Yes, I talked to them politely. They were nice, but…) I was ready to give up, and then I saw a familiar face…err, I mean chair back.

With its high back, perfectly placed arms, adjustable seat and WHEELS! I was tickled pink. Who on earth would put such a heavenly chair in the furthest corner of the store? How rude!

Woot! I discovered something amazing. My new chair was marked down 60% for clearance!

So this time, instead of riding the chair up the isle (yes, it’s rough on my son taking mom out into the ‘normal’ world), I proudly pushed the chair to the front of the store and purchased it.

Last night my dear son laughed at me because I kept sitting in my new chair. *sigh* this time in pleasure. After several hours of being here, there is NO back pain!

So now I must get back to that crossroads story filled with shapeshifters, magic and adventure, but it’s a renewed pleasure. ;)

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Peace & Love be with you always.

Aithne Jarretta
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2 Responses so far.

  1. Oh I love this post.

    Like me you give inanimate objects power. They do have power. They come into or lives when we need them.

    And a new writing room. How great. At the front too. Will be interested to see what this produces. X

  2. Aithne says:

    Thanks. ;D Yes, I enjoy using items in writing. It's fun to carry them through a story.

    I'm loving this new room. Still have lots of sunshine. Sometimes the wheels on my chair take me for a ride. lol

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