Well, with that title you can probably guess a few things. This blog post is a quick expression of what happens when you start doing research for stories. 

In the beginning of my exploration for story elements to include in Angel Marked, (current wip) I realized I needed to search for some different things. The paranormal aspects are super easy so I veered off into cultural aspects.

During the search for cultural tidbits, I discovered a cool site that lists unusual holidays. Imagine my surprise to find there’s a holiday celebrating that good old fashioned 8 Track Tape.

We can learn something new everyday. ;D 

For the younger generation (those who don’t remember 8 tracks) back in the mid 1960s to the end of 1970s that’s what our music was placed on so that we could listen in our cars or home. Vinyl records were on the way out of style and the smaller cassettes weren’t yet the vogue.

I thought it was fascinating to discover that 8 Track Tapes were invented by William Lear—the jet maker. So you suppose he wanted music in his jets while flying the world’s air waves?

The idea of portable music without the radio DJ really took off when Ford installed the 8 Track in several of their models in 1966. Alas, this invention didn’t last long. (as with many of the wonderful gadgets we have now) Even during its short life span several glitches like bad sound quality, large size and the inability to move forward or backward led to 8 Track Tape's inevitable demise.

Will 8 Track Tapes become an element in my new story Angel Marked? 

Frankly, I haven’t made that decision yet. I'm quite sure that I could add a supernatural twist to the music devise in a car. I'll take a wait and see stance. ;)

But my indecision doesn't mean we can’t pause and take a look back at history and maybe remember our favorite songs playing from an 8 Track Tape player. 

Just for fun... Bring to mind and contemplate your favorite song...

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Peace & Love be with you always.

Aithne Jarretta
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  1. Too Funny. I was just tweeting the other day with @emmapetersen about 8-tracks. She was watching an old Soul Train and a couple won a portable 8-track player. I offered to bring over my tapes, and she said she didn't even know that they were!! Talk about feeling old. I was so happy when I got the 8-track player installed in my car in '78.....
    Seems I missed the boat. But then again, you could pick up some really good tapes for $1 since cassette players were taking over the market.

  2. Aithne says:

    Thanks for sharing. ;D Yes, I remember when the tapes were $1. It was a good time to add to my collection. The memories while writing this post were fun. Have a magical evening. ;D

    ~ Aithne

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