Recently, life has had more than it's usual distractions. We all have them... those tidbit moments that take us away from what we set our mind to doing today.

I was naughty and snitched the puppy pic from Facebook this morning. It's because the little dog running as if sudden freedom was a newly found treat made me laugh. It reminded me of our dog Rodney. He never needed a gate to make a run for it. Of course, at the time, my fear for his safety made laughter something to save for later. ;)

Facebook is one of those distractions, but not so powerful as the Kindleboards. I've learned a great deal this year from reading the posts there. Someone started a discussion thread about creating posters for our books. You know the kind I mean. Movie posters.

Oh my...

You've probably read that I have a new computer. Did I mention it has Photoshop? That's something that's been absent for several years and I missed it. Now, combined with the idea to make book posters...

Well, you can imagine that I've been playing. I started a poster for Claire: the Lost Fae and haven't finished it yet. I love tinkering with the different layers. ;) When I finish, I'll post it here.

But I have finished a poster for Concentric Circles. Here's the first book poster.

You may ask, "Now what do we do with them?"

Have you ever noticed the "share your images" link on the Amazon book pages? That's right! This book poster has been uploaded to the Amazon page. Isn't technology grand?

I promise I'll get back to plot bunnies, supernatural happenings and sharing what I'm reading (yes, I've been reading, too).

* * *

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your day & happy reading!

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Amazon Kindle: Concentric Circles (Shayla's story)

Amazon Kindle: Claire: the Lost Fae

Wyndy: in a Heartbeat ~ Short Story [here] 

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Peace & Love be with you always.

Aithne Jarretta
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4 Responses so far.

  1. The poster looks wonderful..Great job.

  2. Love the poster!!!! :-)

  3. Aithne says:

    Hi Savannah. ;) Thanks for following. Glad you like the Concentric Circles poster. It's a fun project & and major distraction. lol Take care of yourself and be sure to do some writing. ;) ~ Aithne

  4. Aithne says:

    Tanya, Thanks!!! Had to find some way to relax after chasing wild critters out of the house. lol Still can't figure out how a possum got in... ugh But now I can laugh because it's gone. Enjoy your evening. ~ Aithne

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