Yes, I do that sometimes...genre jump. In this case I jumped into suspense because I wanted to spend time in a completely different genre for awhile. 

That's why I downloaded, Deadly Aim, an Angel Delaney Mystery, Book 1. This story is by Patricia H. Rushford. The original copyright for the print edition is 2004 and the ebook was published in 2011.

If you want to find out more about Patricia H. Rushford, you can Google her. She's a traditionally published author that has made the decision to self-publish some of her titles.

I admit I discovered this story by clickity-clicking through a series of blog posts, a short pass through The Literary Cafe and then on to Amazon for the sample read. Sadly the sample has a lot of wasted space on kudos and a log TOC. 

A pretty beginning is good in the front matter of an ebook, but the many author kudos are IMO, unnecessary. All that gobble-dee-gook can be displayed on the Amazon page for folk interested. Two ebook pages of chapter lists...blagh. Especially, when it's just a list of numbers... Yes, I know there are links, but honestly, as a Reader I have no desire to remember what is behind Chapter 33.

Enough of that because the tone of this blog post should remain positive. I'm enjoying the twists and turns in the plot line in Deadly Aim

Yup. You read that right. ;)

Have a I mentioned another good thing? Oh...I must have forgotten. ;) 

Currently, as I write this post, Deadly Aim is FREE

Story Description:

Patricia Rushford kicks off a thrilling new crime series set in the cozy coastal hamlet of Sunset Cove, Oregon. Featuring determined police officer Angel Delaney, the first episode is sure to have armchair sleuths turning the pages as fast as they can to discover whodunit?When a police shootout results in the death of a 12-year-old boy, Officer Angel Delaney is blamed, convicted, and condemned by the media and the Sunset Cove community before the case even goes to trial. Angel will have her day in court, but before she has the chance to defend herself, the situation spirals out of control. Key evidence is missing, evidence that could have verified her claim of firing only one shot in self-defense. In short order, the body count rises, and suddenly Angel is a suspect in more than one murder investigation. Heartsick about the young boy's death, and questioning her judgment as a police officer, Angel joins forces with Detective Callen Riley to fight the mounting charges against her.

So if you're looking to explore another genre, or already a fan of suspense then hop on over and click that FREE download button because I don't know how long this special offer will last. (I've made it super easy for you by splashing links all over this page. ;)


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Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your day & happy reading!

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