New Release: Enchanted Ravensong: Charmed Evermore
July 29, 2012

Ruby Gladstone is a witch seeking new experiences. What she really wants is Daryl Manchester. But a magical encounter, body shift and a detour through an Otherly World takes immediate priority.
Becca Benard is a restless spirit. She wants justice for her murder and the person that can help her just arrived in the garden Becca has been haunting.
Ruby and Becca join together through spirit possession and shapeshifter magic to achieve their goals, but it isn’t always smooth flying.

This is a Magical Fantasy Novelette
Word count: 15,250

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Enjoy this Excerpt:

   I’ve always believed that stopping to smell the roses was an excellent way to induce a feel good magic. When the opportunity presents itself to indulge in this simple pleasure; it’s Mother Nature’s way of getting your attention.
   Naturally, I paused and treated myself with fragrant indulgence.
The heady scent pulled my face closer and I took a deep breath. Rose magic is powerful and I was under its spell before I had a chance to exhale.
   I sensed the magical charm immediately, but the bliss of scented rosiness made the experience euphoric. That’s why I did not panic.
   Even as I stared at the crimson blood droplets on my fingertip and wondered vaguely how the skin had been pierced, the sensation of bodily change began its mystical process.
There was a flutter of wings, and then the world spun out of control as my physical body shifted into an unfamiliar form.
   A feminine voice interrupted my confusion. “I’ll give you your body back when the moon shifts into the next quarter phase.”
   Uncomfortable in my new skin, I shudder and ripple the feathers along my wings. “Since I’m a bird, I don’t understand. It’s lost within bewilderment and this body change.”
   “That’s not my problem,” she remarks. “I’ve a mission and must see it through.”
   “Who are you? A body snatcher?” A bird’s eye view of my body frightens me with a reality check.
   “For now, I’m you,” she answers with a cocky attitude. Her confidence seems to grow with each passing second. “But I don’t mind if you call me Becca since no one will hear you anyway. The confusion will ease as you get used to the transformation from human to raven.”

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