Yes, I realize you are wondering what that photo of a fierce falcon has to do with sexy shapeshifters. ;) Don't let his steady gaze fool you. He's here to protect us from the wicked things that go bump in the night.

Shapeshifters are a common element of paranormal. That's all right because each author uses them in different ways. 

In the beginning when I first started writing I stayed within the lines and wrote shapeshifters in the usual face. You know, werewolves and big cats. 

Those days were fun and an early creative expression. The more words I wrote, the more everything shifted within my writing.

Then I met a not so typical black cat:

That black cat became important because he was a creature that could hide in plain sight. His purpose in the story was to allow the shapeshifter character to blend in with the usual surroundings without drawing unnecessary attention to his presence. (the panther couldn't walk down main street)

The first time I used this black cat magical element the character was a young teenager. I discovered him during a writing practice while he teased a professor by wrecking havoc on an exam covered teacher's desk. (my muse often introduces new characters at the least expected moments ;) 

That young shapeshifter grew up and received a staring role in Concentric Circles. A multi-faceted character, Meekal Chilkwell taught me much about the world of shapeshifter heroes.

Gotta love those dimples...

Meekal isn't the only time I've used a cat shapeshifter. In Claire: the Lost Fae, Katrina walked off an elevator and into Claire's life at a pivotal moment of newly discovered danger.

Katrina Oakland ~ Feline Shifter

Katrina becomes a new and important friend for Claire. Her experience and wisdom helps the story progress to an enchanted and happy conclusion.

But I should be honest with you and admit that Katrina had some help. ;) You see, she is a magical fan of the renowned artist, Michelangelo. 

Katrina has a magical penchant for all things marble. She uses the metamorphic veins within this beautiful earth element in creative ways.  I won't give all her secrets away here. ;) 

But I will say that David makes an appearance in the story, in all his splendid glory. Yes, David is considered a shapeshifter in this story.

Mentioning the Shifters of Light in this post brings me around to the necessity of sharing a little bit of wickedness with you.

Every story must have its conflict. I'm not going to present the Hades Hounds in their full wickedness here today. The only element I will reveal is they are a legion of daemons led by a vengeful Marquis of Hades.

But don't worry. Remember that beautiful falcon at the beginning of this post? He's here to protect you. 

Magical Moment: Claire: the Lost Fae

The suddenness of spreading wings made Claire gasp and step back while she stared at Leeson.
In midair he transformed. He floated down and landed with silent gracefulness. Last to change, strong wings spread wide, folded in, and then blended into his back. 

Leeson ~ Winged Hero

Claire: the Lost Fae is available through the #KindleUnlimited Lending Library. [here]

Okay, so I think there's something sexy about a hero with wings. vbg

Hope you've enjoyed this pictorial blog post about some more plot bunny tracks. 

Thank you for stopping by. Before You Leave:

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Peace & Love be with you always.
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